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Data Security
Data Security Strategies

A data protection strategy can avoid costly data breaches and protect your reputation and business assets. Learn the key components of a data security strategy.

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How To Handle Your Company’s Sensitive Data

Damages from sensitive data loss can be devastating for companies. It can destroy customer trust and lead to financial and legal consequences. In this article, you will learn about sensitive data within a company and how best to protect it.

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What is a Data Privacy Policy?

What exactly is a data privacy policy? Why is it essential for your organization? And how can you craft one that aligns with best practices and fosters user trust?

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How to Manage Data Retention

In this article, you’ll learn more about what data retention is and why a data retention policy is valuable to your organization. You’ll also learn some of the core ideas behind data retention policies and some best practices for creating your own.

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Data Access Control

This article explains data access controls and why your organization must implement them to safeguard your valuable data and protect you from liability.

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Data Security Technologies

Data security is vital to the continuity of your business. This article explains the data security technologies you should implement to protect it.

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What is Persistent Data?

”Persistent” data is stored on media from which it is accessible for the long term. This article explains persistent data terminology and best practices.

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Data Sharing and Third Parties

Third-party data is important for building market insights and requires careful handling. This article explains third-party data terminology and best practices.

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Cybersecurity Frameworks

A cybersecurity framework will help you prevent cyberattacks and protect your data and reputation. Here’s a guide to the most common cybersecurity frameworks.

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What is Consent Management?

This article explains how consent management enables you to establish trust with your users and ensure your data operations are within regulatory compliance.

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What is a Data Protection Officer (DPO)?

The landscape of data privacy is rapidly evolving. Best practices that were relevant yesterday may no longer apply today. With the frequent introduction and modification of laws, monitoring these changes can essentially become a full-time endeavor.

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What is PII Masking and How Can You Use It?

PII masking protects sensitive user information by changing data across a database. This article discusses techniques and concepts in PII masking.

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Data Protection Security Controls

Data protection security controls include physical, technical, and administrative controls. This article outlines best practices for security controls.

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What is Data Integrity?

Data integrity refers to the ongoing effort of a business to collect and preserve data that is accurate and consistent across various sources, teams, and formats.

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Data Security Best Practices For Companies

The viability of modern companies is rooted in data security. This article will explain the data security best practices you must implement in your business.

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