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Get full control over event payloads with code

Run your own JavaScript or Python code on event payloads so you can customize integrations, fix bad data and enrich events.

  • Custom JavaScript or Python transformations

  • Library for stored, reusable functions

  • Version-control via GitHub actions

  • Enrichment via external APIs

  • Rich error reporting and debugging

Ship fixes and customizations without opening dev tickets

  • Fix bad data or customize destination mappings in minutes

    Write simple to modify event payloads for any use case, from fixing data in flight to filtering events or updating keys when marketing changes a field name without telling anyone.

  • Integrate with your existing dev workflow

    Leverage our API and GitHub Actions to deploy version controlled transformations from your existing CI/CD workflow.

  • Make compliance simple

    Easily mask PII, filter events and block specific data points, all on a per-integration basis.

Join companies like Stripe, Priceline and Grafana who transform events through RudderStack.

"We ingest a lot of data, put it into Snowflake, and use RudderStack to get it downstream, and we can guarantee that the data is clean, consistently defined across our entire stack, and compatible with all existing and future platforms."


- Brett Trani
Director of Data and Analytics at Joybird / La-Z-Boy

Key features

  • Modify payloads in-transit using custom JavaScript or Python

  • Enrich payloads with internal and external APIs

  • Easily mask PII and filter events

  • Deploy version-controlled transformations via GitHub

  • Write reusable transformations with our functions library

  • Run custom transformations on a per-destination basis

Top Transformations use cases

  • Implement intelligent event routing and filtering

    Transformations are run on a per-destination basis, meaning you can apply routing and filtering logic to ensure the right events go to the right destination, every time.

  • Enrich payloads from any API

    You can enrich customer profiles, connect to internal databases and augment identity resolution, all from Transformations.

  • Easily build and maintain custom integrations

    Combining our JavaScript transformations with our webhook destination allows you to quickly build custom integrations to internal and external destinations.

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