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Collect and integrate first-party data

Ingest clean, first-party event data and send it across your stack in real-time with Event Stream

Ingest first party data across your entire stack
Automate integration and maintenance work
Activate and transform data in real-time
Leading brands collect real time events with RudderStack

From one SDK to your entire stack

Deliver continuous streams of clean, reliable event data to your business tools and warehouse with a single SDK

Trustworthy, real-time data in every tool

Ensure data consistency across every destination by delivering the same standardized payloads from a single source.

Flexibility and control for data teams

Transform events in real-time with Python or JavaScript to simplify use cases for data processing, enrichment, privacy, governance, custom integrations, machine learning, and more.

Complete visibility into the customer journey

Stitch anonymous visits to known users to track and improve customer experiences across your web and mobile properties.

Key Features

Powerful, flexible tooling to connect your entire stack with clean, reliable first party data

High performance SDKs

Collect event data from web, apps, and devices with 15+ SDKs

User identification

Track anonymous and known users automatically with our SDKs

Standardized schemas

Collect clean data with standardized schemas and API specs

Warehouse/data lake sync

Sync events to your warehouse or data lake with standard-setting speed

200+ cloud destinations

Stream data to anywhere, from marketing tools to Apache Kafka, AWS, and Redis

Real-time transformations

Transform and enrich events in real time with custom JavaScript or Python code

Priced for startups, built for the enterprise

RudderStack offers pricing plans for every stage of your business

200+ integrations out-of-the-box

Get started with prebuilt destination and data source integrations

Discover the end-to-end platform

RudderStack's Warehouse Native CDP

With RudderStack, you get the benefits of an integrated, end-to-end platform and the security and control of your own data warehouse. This architecture delivers value at every stage of the data activation lifecycle.

UnifyBuild complete profiles in your warehouse

Accelerate time-to-value by automating identity resolution and building complete customer profiles in your warehouse or data lake.

ActivateAct on complete profiles and real-time data

Ship personalized experiences, reduce churn, and boost customer LTV by activating complete profiles from your warehouse to any tool and team.

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