Warehouse Native Event
Collection & Integrations

Easily ingest clean, first-party event data, send it across
your data stack, and store it in your warehouse

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Leading brands collect real time events with RudderStack

Collect and integrate first-party data

Our warehouse native architecture gives you full control of
your first-party customer event data. You can stream data
directly to your warehouse and route events in real-time to
the tools used by your marketing, product, and
customer success teams.

RudderStack doesn't store any data.

Ingest data from every app, website, and back-end
Turn anonymous traffic into known users
Sync raw event data to your warehouse or data lake
Automate integrations and maintenance
Clean, enrich, and transform events in real-time
Easily implement cookieless tracking

Collect user event data

Collecting event data is the first stage of the customer data lifecycle. RudderStack ensures
clean data from the source, making it easier to unify it in your warehouse and
stream to your downstream tools for activation.


Collect click stream attribution and behavioral data from your web app or marketing website using our state of the art, high-performance JavaScript SDK.


Complement client-side tracking by sending events from your backend with server-side SDKs or webhooks for events like signups, feature usage, purchases, and more.


Track key mobile engagement with our Android, iOS, and Flutter SDKs. Standard mobile lifecycle events are collected out of the box.


Ingest real-time event data from marketing automation systems, email services, SMS tools, and other business SaaS platforms.


Track the entire user journey across your website as granular events, then automatically forward them to your entire stack.

  • Use a single, lightweight script to send data to every tool and improve site speed and performance
  • Stay compliant with cookieless tracking and PII masking
  • Simplify consent management with OneTrust, Ketch, and other integrations

Server Side SDKs & Webhooks

Collect server-side events with SDKs for Node.js, Ruby, python, PHP, Rust, and more, or ingest data from any back-end system with a Webhook source.

  • Seamlessly track users across client-side and server-side platforms
  • Simplify event ingestion from legacy or external systems

Mobile apps

Simplify user tracking and code in your mobile app with robust SDKs for iOS, Android, Flutter, React Native, and more.

  • Automatically track usage across web and mobile platforms
  • Use a single SDK to send events to product analytics and mobile engagement tools
  • Forward events to product analytics and mobile engagement tools

200+ integrations through
one SDK

RudderStack can send data to any tool in your stack, ensuring every system
has the same data and making migrations a breeze

CRM and Support

Create user records and send critical events to platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk, and Intercom to automate support tickets, lead status changes, and account updates.

Sales and Marketing

Make sure your marketing and sales tools always have the same data. Send events in real time to tools like Hubspot, Braze, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and Klaviyo.

Data infrastructure

Populate analytics and BI with event data by sending it directly to infrastructure tools like Snowflake, Databricks, S3, Redis, Postgres, Kafka, Materialize, and more.

Anonymous & known
user reconciliation

Assign a unique anonymous ID to all events collected across data sources to connect events from different browsing sessions, devices, and platforms.

This data can automatically be turned into an identity graph
and customer 360 in your warehouse.

‎Real-time Event Transformations

Transform events in real-time with Python or JavaScript
before they are delivered to downstream destinations,
easily implementing use cases for fixing bad data,
enriching events, masking PII, customizing integrations,
hitting APIs, and more.

Data quality & governance

RudderStack offers a robust suite of capabilities to help you collect and store clean,
compliant data and enforce governance across your tech stack.

‎Violation management

Define organization-wide tracking plans for schemas, privacy, and compliance, then enforce rules for non-compliant events.

‎Shared data catalog

Collaborate with business users to define and enforce event and property definitions across every data source.

Privacy standards

Simplify CCPA and GDPR compliance with out of the box PII masking and no data storage.

Fully customizable sources
and destinations

Use our flexible features to customize existing integrations,
or build your own custom integrations to ingest or send data via any endpoint

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‎Connect to any API endpoint

Beyond our standard integrations, you can connect to virtually any API. Use our HTTP API or webhook sources and destinations to build custom real-time integrations.

These features simplify integrations with internal systems, legacy platforms, and the long-tail of marketing SaaS platforms.

‎Reshape any payload

Reshape your data on-the-fly into the precise format required by any system in your stack. For example, convert incoming data into the exact JSON structure needed by your CRM or Helpdesk solution to create new tickets or log custom events.

‎Real-time alerts and actions

Responding to business-critical events is now possible instantly, even for custom sources and destinations. You can set up real-time alerts for payment anomalies, customer behavior, delivery thresholds, or any other source to destination data flow you need.

Warehouse native architecture

The warehouse is at the heart of the RudderStack’s DNA. RudderStack streams data directly to your tools for real-time streaming scenarios and we don't store any data—it lives your warehouse, lowering costs and supporting customer profile creation, identity stitching, and governance.

Ready-to-use data

Take advantage of your existing warehouse’s scaleable compute and efficient data storage. This architecture allows you to access and act on your data without an additional ETL job.

Unified customer profiles

Stitch together truly complete customer profiles and journeys by combining user event stream data with other data already in your warehouse.

Security & data governance

Don't settle for storing customer data in yet another third party platform. Get peace of mind you are compliant with data privacy regulations and reduce your security footprint.

Key Features

Powerful, flexible tooling to connect your entire stack with clean, reliable first party data

High performance SDKs

Collect event data from web, apps, and devices with 15+ SDKs

User identification

Track anonymous and known users automatically across platforms

Standardized schemas

Collect clean data with standardized schemas and API specs

Warehouse/data lake sync

Sync events to your data store with standard-setting speed

200+ cloud destinations

Stream data to any tool in your stack with a managed pipeline

Real-time transformations

Transform events in real time with JavaScript or Python code

‎Priced for startups, built for the enterprise

RudderStack offers pricing plans for every stage
of your business.

  • Scalable, transparent, volume based pricing
  • Access the entire integration library on any plan
  • World class customer support
  • Enterprise infrastructure for high scale

RudderStack's Warehouse Native CDP

With RudderStack, you get the benefits of an integrated, end-to-end platform and the security and control of your own data warehouse. This architecture delivers value at every stage of the data activation lifecycle.


Build complete profiles in your warehouse

Accelerate time-to-value by automating identity resolution and building complete customer profiles in your warehouse or data lake.


Act on complete profiles and real-time data

Ship personalized experiences, reduce churn, and boost customer LTV by activating complete profiles from your warehouse to any tool and team.

Get started today

Start building smarter customer data pipelines today with RudderStack.
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