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Activate warehouse data in any downstream tool

Put your most valuable data to work. Sync a table, SQL query or no-code audience to any downstream destination.

  • Sync warehouse data with 200+ destinations

  • Supports all major warehouses and data lakes

  • No-code audience builder for business teams

  • Automatically track changes in audience membership

  • Customize sync schedules for each pipeline

Reverse ETL built for data engineers

  • Configure data mapping using a JSON editor

    Customize warehouse table sync settings by configuring JSON. Modify keys and add constants to customize payloads for every destination.

  • Create pipelines by writing SQL

    Use our Reverse ETL Models feature to write SQL queries and turn the resulting table into a Reverse ETL job.

  • Make marketing happy with an Audience builder

    Our Audiences UI allows downstream teams like marketing to build audiences and sync them to ad platforms (and soon marketing engagement tools). You maintain full control with transparent SQL under the hood.

Join companies like Crate and Barrel, InfluxDB and Wealthfront who activate warehouse data through RudderStack

β€œWe set everything up in 10 minutes in RudderStack and were able to fully deprecate our in-house pipeline.”


- Will Luna
Data Analyst at Sanity

Key Features

  • Keep sync times fast by only syncing incremental changes

  • Map data between your warehouse and downstream destinations

  • Simulate and send events to streaming destinations

  • Visual, no-code audience builder for business teams

  • SQL query editor for precise audience creation

  • Run jobs via regular syncs, cron, API or Airflow

Top Reverse ETL use cases

  • Get critical warehouse data to the frontlines

    Easily push warehouse tables into systems like Salesforce and Braze, giving sales and marketing the context they need to close deals and optimize campaigns.

  • Retarget and message your most valuable audiences

    Leverage customer profiles in your data warehouse to build and sync audiences to advertising and marketing engagement tools.

  • Make your data warehouse the source of truth

    With Reverse ETL, you can ensure every tool in your stack has the same version of the truth from the same table in the warehouse.

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