RudderStack is the customer data platform for developers. With RudderStack, you can build and deploy efficient pipelines that collect customer data from every app, website, and SaaS platform, then activate your data in your warehouse, business, and marketing tools.

RudderStack Cloud

Start building a better, warehouse-first CDP that delivers complete, unified data to every part of your customer data stack. Sign up for RudderStack Cloud.

Product onboarding

  • RudderStack Cloud: Familiarize yourself with RudderStack Cloud and the different dashboard options once you sign up.
  • RudderStack Open Source: Follow the guides listed in this section to set up RudderStack in your own environment.

Useful guides

  • Sources: Integrate RudderStack with different SDKs, Cloud Apps, Cloud Extract, and Reverse ETL sources and start tracking the event data in no time.
  • Destinations: Integrate RudderStack to send the event data to over 150 third-party tools and platforms.
  • Events Specification: Track your events across all RudderStack SDKs nd APIs using standard, E-commerce, Application Lifecycle, and Video Events.
  • API: Get detailed instructions on using RudderStack API based on your use-cases.

Feature guides

  • Transformations: Code custom JavaScript functions to transform your event data before sending it to your destinations.
  • Data Governance: Programmatically access your events and their metadata to investigate and fix any inconsistencies.
  • Identity Resolution: Match user identifiers across multiple devices and digital touchpoints to build comprehensive and unified user profiles.

Need help?

  • Migration Guides: Migrating from Segment or Blendo? Refer to these guides.
  • How-to Guides: This section includes some common RudderStack use-cases as well as some quick solutions to the common problems you might encounter while working with your event data.
  • Administrator Guides: This section includes some common guides on tasks you are likely to perform as an administrator.


We would love to see you contribute to RudderStack. Read the Contributing Guidelines for more information.


The RudderStack Server is released under the AGPLv3 License.

Refer to the RudderStack's Licensing Explained blog post for more information.

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