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We have been data engineers and data scientists in our past jobs, understand their challenges and pain points, and are building the best product for them.

We are building the most advanced, bi-directional pipelines for your data stack

RudderStack elegantly handles every piece of data from every source and syncs it with every tool in your stack.

We build on these principles

Transparency drives everything we do at RudderStack. We enable you to fully leverage your customer data without giving up control, putting these principles first in all of our work.


We believe that companies should not be vendor-locked into proprietary software and held hostage to predatory pricing. Openness is not only good for society but also requires us to keep innovating.

Privacy & security-focused

We take user data privacy and security very seriously. Our core architecture was constructed on the idea of privacy and security first. That is not just a product choice for us; it is a principle.

Customer obsessed

Every company wants to treat its customers well, but for us, it’s an obsession. We will always help our customers make the best product choice under all circumstances.

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