Customer data compliance toolkit

Simplify management of consent, cookies, PII, and user deletion, all in one platform.

Leading brands manage customer data compliance with RudderStack

Warehouse native means compliance by design

Our warehouse native architecture means we don’t store your customer data in our infrastructure. You manage it in your own data warehouse or data lake.

Eliminate risky, 3rd-party data silos

Don’t settle for security risks because your customer data is locked in SaaS tools. RudderStack doesn't store any data.

Gain full control and transparency

Maintain a global view of your compliance implementation across every pipeline and integration.

Streamline consent capture and integration

Capture consent automatically through RudderStack's SDK, then sync user preferences across your entire stack.

First-class integrations with OneTrust and Ketch

Easily integrate your own consent capture system

Use custom logic to decide which data is forwarded to which destinations for each user

Implement customizable cookieless tracking

Align cookie settings, browser storage, and anonymous user tracking with different regulatory environments.

Customize which users data is persisted

Choose between cookie storage, local storage, memory storage, or no storage

Apply different cookie and storage settings to different web properites

Block, mask, or encrypt PII across data sources

Centrally manage PII in every payload, for every integration in your stack.

Fully block PII at the source

Use custom logic to mask and encrypt user data

Limit your team's ability to view PII in RudderStack

Suppress user data across tools with one API

RudderStack's User Suppression API simplifies data suppression and deletion requests.

Centrally suppress user data capture across multiple data sources

Use a single API to delete user data across tools

Keep a version-controlled history of suppression and deletion activities


"RudderStack's compliance toolkit allows us to remove PII from our analytics and stream different classes of product events to different destinations. Rules are easy to set up and have predictable results. We'd be lost without them!"

Imo Wright, Staff Data Engineer at Accurx

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Geographic data residency

Consent capture and integration

Cookieless tracking

Discover the end-to-end platform

RudderStack's Warehouse Native CDP

With RudderStack, you get the benefits of an integrated, end-to-end platform and the security and control of your own data warehouse. This architecture delivers value at every stage of the data activation lifecycle.


Send real-time data to your entire stack

Save hours of dev work every week by sending the same payload from one SDK to every tool in your stack, including your warehouse and data lake.


Act on complete profiles and real-time data

Ship personalized experiences, reduce churn, and boost customer LTV by activating complete profiles from your warehouse to any tool and team.

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