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Profiles: build an identity graph and user features in your warehouse (closed beta)

Don’t waste 6 months of data engineering and analytics work trying to build a golden customer record. RudderStack Profiles (currently in closed beta) automatically generates a master user table and user features via a simple config file.

  • Quickly build customer 360 without complex SQL and pipelines

  • Stitch user IDs from any data source

  • Reconcile all user traits to a master identifier

  • Define ID rules and features in YAML

  • Generate user feature tables via config files

Customer profile creation for modern data teams

  • Minimize data work and accelerate time to value

    Save months of time and thousands of lines of SQL and quickly generate complete user tables using an intuitive, YAML-based configuration.

  • Manage profiles on your own terms (and infrastructure)

    Tables are generated in your warehouse, giving you full visibility and control, as well as the ability to customize logic for your specific needs.

  • Integrate with your existing dev workflows

    Manage your user table configuration in your own version-controlled repo and run jobs on fully customized schedules.

Join companies like Crate & Barrel, Allbirds and Magic Eden who build their customer 360 with RudderStack

“RudderStack gave us an edge out of the gate, and we understood our users within a few days of launching.”


- Hayden Ng
Head of Analytics at Magic Eden

Key features

  • Fully transparent identity graph in your warehouse

  • Intuitive, YAML-based configuration

  • Can run on IDs from any data source

  • No SQL required

  • Customizable logic

  • Easy user feature table generation

Top Identity Stitching use cases

  • Ship complex use cases faster

    Having a 360 degree view of the customer automatically generated means you can focus on building data apps and products for your company, not wrangling complex SQL.

  • Easily generate custom user feature tables

    Using the RudderStack Profiles identity graph as a starting point, you can quickly build custom user feature tables for marketing, product and customer success, all based on the master table.

  • Send complete user profiles to every downstream tool

    Once user profiles are built, you can push them to every downstream tool via our Reverse ETL pipeline, giving every team the same version of the truth.

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