Power your business with reliable, complete customer profiles

Establish a comprehensive identity graph, build features on top to create a customer 360, then deliver complete customer profiles to power use cases for every team

Leading brands build their customer 360 with RudderStack

Solve identity resolution and customer 360 at the root

Profiles helps data teams rapidly model a complete view of their customer from every relevant data point in their warehouse, enabling them to deliver value with velocity.

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Warehouse native

Harness the full power of complete customer data and compute in your own warehouse.

Transparent models & code

Profiles generates auditable, portable code that runs in your warehouse.

Declarative modeling

Define your model spec in a config file, then Profiles will generate the code and customer 360 for you.
Flexible entities

Easily model business logic for any entity, from users and households to accounts and devices.

Real-time API

Automatically make your customer 360 data available to any website or app via API.

Easy access for business users

Give business users a safe way to explore and filter the customer 360, then sync it to their own tools.

Unlock powerful use cases with a single
source of truth

Let Profiles handle the build and maintenance so you and your data team can focus on projects that drive business value.

Attribution: improve ROAS by 20%

Churn: increase retention 1-2x

Personalization: 3x conversions with ML-driven campaigns

DIY without the DIY

Profiles manages all of the hard work for you, without you having to sacrifice flexibility or control.
You can manage all of your customer data modeling from a config file, making it seamless to
update your customer 360 for changing business needs

Move fast without breaking things

Easily add new data sources, layer in new unique identifiers, and update feature definitions

Maintain control

Run controlled builds, audit all of the generated code, and access historical snapshots for every run

Give the business access

Empower business users with unparalleled access to the customer 360

How Profiles Works

Profiles helps you solve customer data modeling challenges at the root,
so you can focus on delivering powerful use cases to the business

Ship comprehensive, transparent identity resolution, fast

Instead of writing complex code, you define your input tables and unique identifiers in straightforward config files.

Profiles takes these files and uses its powerful semantic models to produce the foundation of your customer 360, the identity graph, in your warehouse.

Build features in minutes, not days

The Profiles feature builder makes creating and maintaining features across any data set in your data warehouse easy.

Data points are generated on top of the identity graph automatically, and it leverages the same declarative approach used to create the identity graph, so building features is as easy as creating definitions in a YAML config file.

Align the business around a reliable customer 360

Maintain centralized control of your identity graph, features, and output tables from a single, version-controlled workflow to ensure that every part of the business is operating from a single, trustworthy source of truth.

Give business users unprecedented access to customer data

With Cohorts and Activations, data teams can establish core business definitions in the warehouse, then give business users safe access to explore, filter, and activate data into their own tools

‎Establish critical customer segments with Cohorts

Profiles Cohorts make it easy for data teams to establish core customer segments in the warehouse, then make them available in the RudderStack UI for business users to explore and use as a starting point for audience creation‎

‎Empower business teams with self-serve Activations

Give business users a safe way to explore the customer 360, build audiences, and sync them directly to their tools through an intuitive UI‎

Your customer 360, in real-time, via API

Ship real-time personalization and recommendations in a fraction of the time. With our Activation API, you sync your customer 360 to Redis, then pull data into your website or app in real-time.

"We use RudderStack to power a deeply personalized experience and execute engaging campaigns across all of our digital properties. Its powerful, engineering-friendly features help us punch above our weight. With RudderStack Profiles and the real-time Activation API, we were able to identify users who were eligible for the Jupiter $JUP token airdrop and remind them to claim their tokens. The campaign generated a word-of-mouth buzz that helped propel us past Coinbase in daily app store downloads."

Ricardo Pinho, Data Engineer at Phantom

Key Features

Powerful and flexible tooling to accelerate identity resolution and customer 360

Historical snapshots

Automatically snapshot your ID graph and feature table after every run for easy ML modeling

Real-time API

Make your customer 360 available in real-time, via API, to power personalization

Quickstart templates

Get a running start with basic identity graph and customer 360 tables out of the box

Probabilistic ID matching

Use fuzzy matching to resolve identities across different data formats

Custom business entities

Resolve identities for any business entity to build data sets for users, accounts, households, devices, campaigns, and more

Business user Activations

Safely expose customer 360 data to business users and make it easy for them to sync it to their own tools

‎‎RudderStack's Warehouse Native CDP

With RudderStack, you get the benefits of an integrated, end-to-end platform and the security and control of your own data warehouse. This architecture delivers value at every stage of the data activation lifecycle.


Send real-time data to your entire stack

Save hours of dev work every week by sending the same payload from one SDK to every tool in your stack, including your warehouse and data lake.


Act on complete profiles and real-time data

Ship personalized experiences, reduce churn, and boost customer LTV by activating complete profiles from your warehouse to any tool and team.