Customer Data

What Is Customer Data?

This article gives a definition of customer data, as well as explaining the different types of customer data, how customer data is collected, why it is important, and whether collecting customer data is legal.

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Collecting Customer Data

It’s no secret that data has become the most precious commodity to today’s leading businesses. When properly mined, data can enable powerfully effective marketing and game-changing growth strategies.

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Types of Customer Data

Customer data is both a valuable business asset that can be used for marketing and business growth, as well as a sensitive source of information about individuals that must be protected.

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The Importance of First-Party Customer Data After iOS Updates

This post highlights importance of first-party data after iOS updates and how this data is superior to third-party data while helping your achieve better results.

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CDP vs DMP: What's the difference?

Customer data management has recently undergone changes with the tools used to handle customer data. This article will help illustrate the difference between two of these tools — customer data platforms (CDPs) and data management platforms (DMPs).

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What is an Identity Graph?

Identity graphs are used to filter redundant customer data and connect potentially billions of points in a complex, scalable web of people and behavior.

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Customer Data Analytics

Customer data analytics is generating inferences from data that’s coming directly from your customers, or is inferred through their actions in your SaaS product, website, and campaigns. This article helps you choose the right processes for the job.

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Customer Data Management

Customer data management (sometimes known as “customer database management”) is a common umbrella term for the strategies a company uses to collect, control and use its customer data.

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A complete guide to first-party customer data

With Google and Apple killing the ad cookie in an effort to improve data privacy, one thing is clear: third-party data access is on its way out. Learn more about how RudderStack can help your company get started with your first-party data journey.

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Customer Data Protection

Customer data protection is vital for avoiding PII data breaches and their legal and reputational consequences. In this article, find out how to protect your customer data.

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What is Data Hygiene?

What is Data Hygiene? In short, Data hygiene entails the meticulous management, organization, and maintenance of data to ensure its accuracy, completeness, and relevance.

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