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Data Quality Toolkit

RudderStack equips you to collect clean customer data, so you can spend less time wrangling and more time helping your business drive revenue

Leading brands enforce data governance with RudderStack

Own the data quality lifecycle

Our enterprise-grade tools solve data quality at the source, building trust and helping every team can drive results with clean customer data

Plan event definitions

Get the entire business on the same page with collaborative event schema definitions.

Manage violations

Catch bad data in-flight before it becomes a problem downstream in reporting and campaigns.

Fix schemas in real-time

Fix or modify event schemas in real-time, without having to open a dev ticket.

Collaborative event definitions

Maintain central, up-to-date event definitions across the company.

Centrally define and manage schemas for every event

Enable company-wide alignment through an event catalog

Use the Event Audit API to make updates programmatically

Start immediately by importing existing events

Violation management

Catch and manage bad data before it becomes a problem.

Use Tracking Plans to catch schema violations in real-time

Implement custom rules for ever source and event type

Drop events, propagate errors, and even re-route bad data

Real-time schema fixes

Use templates or custom code to fix schemas, data types, event types, and more.

Clean, re-shape, and update schemas

Deploy updates without opening dev tickets

Customize fixes by source or destination

Version-control changes

Monitoring and alerting

Centrally monitor the health of your entire customer data stack.

End-to-end visibility across sources and destinations

Metrics for ingestion, delivery, failures, and more

Customize alerts for Slack, PagerDuty, and other tools

"Data quality is always a challenge, but with RudderStack, our data is always ready to be used. The integration is seamless, and we’ve never had any data quality issues."

Head of Analytics at Magic Eden

Get a demo of the Data Quality Toolkit

Learn how RudderStack can help you guarantee quality customer data from the source.

Eliminate expensive data cleaning

Build trust with downstream teams

Focus on high-value data work

Discover the end-to-end platform

RudderStack's Warehouse Native CDP

With RudderStack, you get the benefits of an integrated, end-to-end platform and the security and control of your own data warehouse. This architecture delivers value at every stage of the data activation lifecycle.

CollectSend real-time data to your entire stack

Save hours of dev work every week by sending the same payload from one SDK to every tool in your stack, including your warehouse and data lake.

ActivateAct on complete profiles and real-time data

Ship personalized experiences, reduce churn, and boost customer LTV by activating complete profiles from your warehouse to any tool and team.