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RudderStack Product News - Vol. #024: Attentive Tag

Written by
Kristen Glass

Kristen Glass

Customer and Partner Marketing
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Attentive Tag

RudderStack now supports Attentive, which is a mobile messaging platform that helps consumers and companies to communicate with each other through personalized text messages. Attentive provides Attentive Tag, which can be added to websites to utilize Attentive features including capturing behavioral data, triggering events, tracking revenue, and more. We allow Attentive Tag as a destination to which teams can seamlessly send their event data. Learn more.



Attribution is a marketing analytics platform that provides single and multi-touch attribution. It offers the ability to view your true marketing ROI, understand your marketing funnel and view your full customer paths. Additionally, Attribution has a Data Export feature to let you export all the raw data related to campaigns and visitors for your Data Science team to analyze trends.

Learn more in the docs.


We support WebEngage, a full stack marketing automation tool, as a destination to which you can seamlessly send your event data for efficient marketing and analytics. Teams use WebEngage to engage their users via push and in-app notifications, email campaigns, and more.

Learn more in the docs.

New Relic

We support New Relic as a cloud Mode destination. New Relic is an observability platform that lets teams monitor, debug, and enhance their tech stack.

Learn more in the docs.

Revenue Cat

Revenue Cat is an in-app subscription platform that lets teams analyze and grow their cross-platform app subscriptions. RudderStack now supports cloud mode destination for Revenue Cat.

Learn more in the docs.

Spanchat Conversion

We support Snapchat Conversion as a cloud mode destination. Teams leverage data from Snapchat Conversions API to optimize their Snapchat ad campaigns and measure user conversions effectively.

Learn more in the docs.


RudderStack now offers AdRoll as a web device mode destination. AdRoll provides a platform for brands to easily launch display ads, social media ads, and email.

Learn more in the docs.

How to unbundle the CDP

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