RudderStack Product News - Vol. #022: Announcing RudderStack Reverse ETL

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Announcing RudderStack Reverse ETL

We've rebranded our Warehouse Actions product line to RudderStack Reverse ETL. Our team has chosen to do this as we’ve launched a host of new features to make your data engineering workflows easier. To give you the flexibility in scheduling and processing that allows your organization to build your perfect operational pipeline, RudderStack Reverse ETL now supports three modes: incremental, mirror, and full sync. We have also released a visual data mapper and custom SQL models. All of our streaming destinations are supported in Reverse ETL, so you can sync data to your entire stack. Learn More


Google AdWords Enhanced Conversions

RudderStack now supports Google Adwords Enhanced Conversions as a destination to which you can send your audience list. Google Adwords Enhanced Conversions lets you improve your conversion measurement accuracy by securely sending first-party conversion data from your website to Google. Learn more in the docs.


Airship is an app experience platform that lets you create and deliver powerful in-app experiences with the help of personalized content and actionable customer insights. Our customers can send their event data to Airship as a destination. Learn more in the docs.


RudderStack has added Blueshift as a destination for you to seamlessly send your event data. Blueshift's SmartHub customer data platform helps consumer brands scale customer engagement intelligently on a variety of channels by enabling marketers to unify their siloed data and use real-time customer insights to shape customer experiences. Learn more in the docs.

View our webinar with Snowflake, Iterable, & Joybird

View our webinar to learn how La-Z-Boy subsidiary, Joybird, retooled its data stack and cut their time spent building new integrations and managing pipelines by 93%.

With RudderStack, Snowflake, and Iterable, Joybird can now:

  • Activate Event Stream data in real-time
  • Build comprehensive customer profiles in Snowflake
  • Deliver these rich profiles downstream to tools like Iterable with RudderStack Reverse ETL

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Other happenings at RudderStack

📄 On the Blog: How RudderStack Core Enabled Us To Build Reverse ETL
Read this one from Principal Engineer, Ranjeet Mishra, to find out how the foresight of RudderStack's founding engineers made it easier to solve some of the unique technical challenges involved in building Reverse ETL. Read more

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☁️ RudderStack Achieves Google Cloud Ready - BigQuery Designation
After a 3 phase validation process by the Google Cloud engineering team, RudderStack earned the Google Cloud Ready - BigQuery designation. Read more

April 8, 2022
Kristen Glass

Kristen Glass

Customer and Partner Marketing