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RudderStack Product News Vol. #012 - Call for Beta Users

Written by
Eric Dodds

Eric Dodds

Head of Product Marketing
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We're looking for early users for two exciting new integrations: our S3 Data Lake destination and our Braze Currents source. More details below, along with a few new destination integration updates.

S3 Data Lake destination

Our team has been hard at work on features around data lake destinations. We have world-class support for warehouse and brokers like Kafka, but are working to treat data lakes as first-class citizens as well.

Our first release of the S3 Data Lake destination supports Parquet format and Glue for the metadata catalog.

If you'd like to be an early user and give us feedback on the S3 Data Lake destination, send an email to Katie, who leads our Customer Success team.

Braze Currents source

Braze has been one of our most popular destinations for some time. In partnership with their team, we've built a Braze Currents source, which allows you to pull Braze data through RudderStack.

Specifically, this integration allows you to:

  • Route Braze event data to a variety of other systems using RudderStack
  • Stream Braze event data into your data warehouse or to one of our analytics destinations for detailed analysis
  • Stream Braze event data continuously to power business intelligence tools, machine learning algorithms, and more

If you'd like to be an early user and give us feedback on the Braze Currents source, send an email to Katie, who leads our Customer Success team.

Integrations - Ometria and Snap Pixel

Ometria destination

Ometria is a customer data and marketing platform. It leverages AI-powered insights and cross-channel marketing to help you create personalized experiences for your customers throughout their product journey. This integration allows you to send RudderStack data directly to Ometria.

Learn more in the docs.

Snap Pixel destination

The Snap Pixel is a snippet of JavaScript code that lets you measure the cross-device impact of your advertising campaigns. It lets you understand how many Snapchat users interact with your website after seeing the ads. This integration allows you to send RudderStack data to the Snap Pixel.

Learn more in the docs.

Other happenings at RudderStack

How-to guide: Replacing Segment SQL traits with dbt and RudderStack Reverse ETL. This week we launched a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to replace Segment's SQL traits feature in RudderStack. Even if you don't use Segment's SQL traits, there are usable examples of code that can help you build and sync audiences using dbt and Reverse ETL. Give it a read.

On the latest episode of The Data Stack Show, Eric and Kostas from our team talk with Tristan Zajonc, co-founder and CEO of Continual.ai. Tristan talks about the democratization of AI/ML and why he believes the future is running ML as a service on top of your own warehouse.

September 8, 2021