RudderStack and Braze Power Advanced Customer Engagement

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Creating and delivering deeply personalized customer engagement campaigns just got easier. Expanding on our existing Braze destination integration, RudderStack now features a Braze Currents source integration. The new integration allows Braze users to create a continuous data feedback loop with the customer engagement platform, unlocking even more critical context to fuel stronger campaigns and enrich other tools in the stack.

Leading customer engagement tooling

With Braze, brands have the keys to customer engagement at their fingertips. The Braze customer engagement platform combines the context needed for personalization with the tooling necessary to execute and optimize sophisticated campaigns across multiple channels. Braze even offers AI-enabled insights, so brands can calibrate campaigns in-flight. With its data driven approach, Braze underpins the positive engagement experience that serves as a pillar of growth in the digital age.

Context (data) is king

Deeply personalized engagement campaigns require an immense amount of contextualizing data. Without the proper context, marketers can send irrelevant, annoying, and, in some cases, offensive messages. When it comes to digital customer engagement, strong relationships require accurate, robust customer profiles built on behavioral data. Braze is an incredibly powerful tool, but without data, it’s like a racecar with no gas. Enter, RudderStack.

Reliable, complete data delivery

RudderStack’s Event Stream makes it easy to get behavioral data from web and mobile sources into Braze reliably and in real-time. This means brands can create holistic customer and behavioral profiles within Braze, then leverage the platform’s advanced tooling to quickly build deeply personalized campaigns based on full and accurate information. All of this data in Braze is valuable and actionable. With our expanded partnership, Braze is no longer a cul-de-sac for its value—users can stream engagement events directly from Braze, through RudderStack, and send them to their entire customer data stack.

Next-level engagement with a continuous data loop

With the Braze Currents integration, Braze becomes both an event destination and an event streaming source in RudderStack. Practically, this means all of the valuable engagement data in Braze can be streamed from Braze into other destinations, including the data warehouse, where it can be enriched with even more valuable context, and looped back into Braze. With additional context on top of already robust customer profiles, Braze users can unlock the next level of personalization. This deeper integration raises the bar for delighting customers with great digital experiences. The Braze Currents integration is currently in Beta. If you would like to participate please contact us.

Learn more about data activation with RudderStack & Braze

Register here, and join us for a live webinar on February 10th at 12:00 pm PT featuring leaders from RudderStack and Braze. You’ll learn how you can leverage a continuous, bi-directional data loop between Braze and your data warehouse to fuel stronger customer experiences.

January 11, 2022
Myles McDonald

Myles McDonald

Director of Partnerships at RudderStack