RudderStack for Marketing Teams

Every customer touchpoint, delivered to your marketing stack

Optimize campaigns and customer experiences with truly comprehensive data, in the tools you already use.

40,000+ sites and apps run RudderStack

Scale campaigns
with confidence

RudderStack gives you the data you need to have full visibility into the customer journey, complete clarity on attribution, and deliver real-time customer experiences at scale.


Increase in spend with positive ROAS

Statpearls scaled their ad spend 3.8x with positive ROAS using RudderStack data understand attribution and lifetime value.

Turn marketing into a math equation with rich, comprehensive data

Uncover what’s working—and why—so you can prove marketing impact on the bottom line.‎

Improve ROAS across every ad platform

Combine raw, first-party acquisition data with campaign performance metrics to see exact ROI for every dollar spent.

Clarify attribution for every step in the funnel

Use comprehensive user data, across websites and apps, to understand the influence of every channel on conversion.

Implement multi-touch attribution

Get every touchpoint and trait delivered to your marketing stack, and leverage real-time integrations for personalization.

When your data team uses RudderStack, marketing can move fast with confidence.

Being a data-driven company is a team sport. RudderStack handles the data and integrations so your teams can spend time on what counts most for the business.

Know you’ll beat your number

RudderStack's automated integrations and comprehensive data give you the clarity and confidence you need to drive results and hit your number, every quarter.

Build trust in your marketing budget
With data from RudderStack, you can cut through opinions prove ROI to leadership with hard numbers.

Simplify campaign planning
Knowing what works and how much to spend means you can focus on execution, not guesswork.

Streamline marketing ops
Skip the spreadsheet swamp and endless custom fields and give your team data directly in the tools they use everyday.

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