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RudderStack is the only end-to-end customer data toolset that can scale with your stack as you implement increasingly powerful use cases.

Segment Migration

We've migrated thousands of copmanies off Segment. Here are a few of the guides our customers have found most helpful in understanding the benefits and the process..

How to Migrate from Segment to RudderStack

A step-by-step guide on how to migrate from Segment to RudderStack in as little as 5 minutes.

Migrating from Segment Part 2: Personas & SQL Traits in RudderStack

Learn how to replace Segment Personas with RudderStack's Reverse ETL.

Data Engineering

Learn how our engineering team has solved thorny engineering problems

Churn Prediction Using BigQueryML

Learn how to use BigQueryML and clickstream data to build churn prediction models.

How Engineering Teams Use RudderStack to Support Marketing

This guide provides a step-by-step approach on how data engineering teams can better support their marketing counterparts.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Set Up a Warehouse-first CDP on Snowflake Using RudderStack

This guide will walk you though how to set up RudderStack on top of Snowflake complete with an overview of the architecture.

Using Grafana to Monitor the Health and Status of Your Customer Data Pipelines

This guide how we use Grafana to monitor the health of our customer data pipelines.

When To Build vs. Buy Data Pipelines

Learn the main considerations when deciding between buying and building your own data pipelines.

Dogfooding at RudderStack: Tracking Plans

This guide will walk you through how we use Tracking Plans as part of our Data Governance API.

Data Modeling in the Warehouse for Data Engineers

Learn the basics and best practices of data modeling in your cloud data warehouse.

Building a Reliable Customer Data Infrastructure

This guide covers a high-level algorithm of how RudderStack handles failed delivery to destinations to achieve satisfactory fault tolerance and consistency.

RudderStack's Data Stack: Deep Dive

This guide provides a deep-dive into how we have instrumented our customer data stack.


Learn how to build personalized and real-time customer experiences

Real-time personalization with Redis and RudderStack

Learn how to use Redis to deliver real-time personalization.

A Guide to Customer Metrics: What to Track and Why

This guide covers the basics the most important customer metrics to track.

Streaming Events From Salesforce for Lead Enrichment With RudderStack’s Webhook Source

This guide covers how to use webhook sources for automated lead enrichment.

Customer Session Analysis Using dbt and RudderStack

Learn how to use dbt to map anonymous activity to known-users and conduct customer session analysis.

Why Cloud SaaS Tools Create Data Silos

Learn how you can use your warehouse to eliminate data silos created by SaaS tools.

From First-Touch to Multi-Touch Attribution With RudderStack, Dbt, and SageMaker

Learn how to analyze multi-touch customer journeys using RudderStack, dbt, and SageMaker.

Identity Graph and Identity Resolution in SQL

Learn how to build ID mapping in your warehouse efficiently using SQL.

Warehouse-First Healthcare Data Integration

Learn how RudderStack helps healthcare companies to unlock powerful use cases while managing HIPAA compliance.

Protect PII Using RudderStack

Learn how to protect PII data using RudderStack's powerful JavaScript transformations.


Learn how you can use data to make better product decisions

Using RudderStack To Backfill Data In Mixpanel

This guide will walk through how you can insure against data loss by replaying events from your S3 bucket.

Why Take a Warehouse-First Approach to Analytics

Learn how a warehouse-first leads to high quality analytics and lower costs.

Your Guide to Creating a Warehouse-First Data Analytics Stack

Learn the ins-and-outs of creating a single-source of truth in your warehouse to unlock actionable analytics.

Best Practices for Tracking In-App Event Data

We cover the basics on event tracking to increase in-app user engagement.

Google Analytics Alternatives

Learn about the main alternatives to Google Analytics whether you are looking to more privacy-friendly tooling.