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Unity SDK integration with RudderStack

Get more out of RudderStack's Unity SDK

The RudderStack Unity SDK allows you to capture the DeviceID for identifying the user. It helps to track the users across the application installation. The SDK also allows you to capture additional information about the user during the gameplay. For example, additional information about what moves or weapons were frequently used. So, businesses can analyze what features are most used or likely favored within their game and offer exciting upgrades.


What you can do with Unity SDK Source

Send event data from your game to various destinations seamlessly

Automatically capture certain event-specific and user-specific information that highlights a user's unique behavioral traits

Track user's activity throughout the game to capture each action performed for analytics

Easily reset all the persisted traits of the previously identified user

How to set up Unity SDK Source Integration

It's quite simple! Refer to our step-by-step guide and start using the Unity SDK in no time!



How can we help you?

What does the RudderStack Unity SDK do?

RudderStack Unity SDK allows sending event data generated from your game application to different marketing and analytics platforms. Unity SDK is a wrapper for the iOS and Android SDK making it easy to collect game event data from different devices.

What is Unity used for?

Unity is a popular cross-platform game engine with a built-in Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It is highly used to develop video games for web plugins, desktop platforms, consoles and mobile devices.

How do you upgrade the Unity SDK?

To upgrade the Unity SDK, remove all the files related to RudderStack SDK from the Plugins folder. Also remove the RudderUnityPlugin folder completely before importing the newer version of the SDK.

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