Java SDK Integration

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Connect Java SDK and send data from Java SDK with Rudderstack.
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Along with the various features stated above, the RudderStack Java SDK also enables you to filter and load your preferred destinations, and disable sending your events to other destinations. This gives you full control over which third-party tools get access to your data. The Java SDK also allows you to block the flush until all events are uploaded by using the synchronize builder method. You simply need to set this method as true which otherwise is set as fault by default.

Frequently Asked Questions

The RudderStack Java SDK helps you record analytics data from your Java code. After you integrate the Java SDK, all requests will flow through RudderStack and will be further routed to the different analytics destinations you choose.

Yes. You need to use the Guava library. You can also use plain old Java Maps instead.

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About Java SDK

RudderStack’s open source Java SDK lets you track your customer event data from your Java code. Once you enable Java SDK, the event requests will automatically flow through RudderStack servers and will be further routed to a wide range of popular marketing, sales, and product tools of your choice.