What you can do with SatisMeter

Identify customer pain points throughout various touchpoints and track your improvement over time

Understand which parts of your tool has a higher value to make informed product decisions going forward

Gather all your feedback into an easy to understand dashboard and share new feedback via Slack, Intercom, Salesforce, and more

Measure and improve Net Promoter Systems using NPS surveys that indicate growth and your product performance

Send surveys within your website, mobile app, or straight to user inboxes with the option for customizing text, language, and appearance

This integration is on the roadmap

Schedule time with our solutions engineering team to learn about timing and help prioritize this integration.


Drive Effective Customer Engagement Using RudderStack and SatisMeter

With RudderStack, you can seamlessly send your event data from a variety of data sources to SatisMeter. All you need to do is configure SatisMeter as a destination in RudderStack. Once enabled, events collected by RudderStack will automatically start flowing to SatisMeter in real-time. You also need not define a warehouse schema before sending your event data, as RudderStack will automatically do that for you.

By Integrating SatisMeter with RudderStack, you can:

  • Skip all the manual instrumentation and get all your event data across multiple sources to SatisMeter
  • Capture user identity information to power your email-based surveys
  • Track user events to analyze completed surveys or surveys that sent but not clicked