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Connect Ruby SDK and send data from Ruby SDK with Rudderstack.
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The RudderStack Ruby SDK also enables you to filter and load your preferred destinations and disable sending your events to other destinations.

RudderStack Ruby SDK also allows you to import any historical data by simply adding the timestamp argument to your API calls. However, you can do this only for the destinations that accept historical, timestamped data, such as Amplitude, Mixpanel, etc. You may leave out the timestamp field for current events as RudderStack will automatically add the timestamps to the event requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

To install the Ruby SDK with RudderStack, simply add gem 'rudder_analytics_sync' in your application's Gem file.

You can manually batch events using the RudderStack Ruby SDK with the analytics.batch function.

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About Ruby SDK

Track and record event data from your Ruby code using RudderStack’s open source Ruby SDK. By integrating this SDK, you can send your event data to your preferred analytics destination(s) such as Google Analytics, Adjust, and many more.