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Popular MouseStats use cases

Simplify implementation
Automatically load the MouseStats script in your Amazon Redshift data warehouse to begin recording user sessions.
Easily send user data
Use existing data to send user information to MouseStats.
Improve user experience
Give your team MouseStats data alongside existing user data to improve user experience.

Use the Amazon Redshift Source with other popular destinations

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About MouseStats

MouseStats is an analytics-driven website optimization tool that allows you to track and identify user behavior on your website, and improve your lead conversion funnel. It offers features such as website session recordings, heatmaps, surveys, form analytics, and more. Identify hidden problems within your website, get valuable insights and customer feedback on how to improve through forms and surveys, and use this feedback to optimize your website. With MouseStats, you can easily understand where and how visitors are using your website, identify drop-off points in your conversion funnel, and leverage these insights to boost your product growth.


How can we help you?

With Rudderstack, integration between Amazon Redshift source and MouseStats is simple. Set up a Amazon Redshift source source and start sending data.

Pricing Amazon Redshift source and MouseStats can vary based on the way they charge. Check out our pricing page for more info. Or give us a try for FREE.

Timing can vary based on your tech stack and the complexity of your data needs for Amazon Redshift source and MouseStats.

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