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iOS SDK integration with RudderStack

Get more out of RudderStack's iOS SDK

The RudderStack iOS SDK enables you to easily associate one identity with another using the Alias method. This method helps manage user identities successfully in some destinations. For example, in Mixpanel, the Alias method associates an anonymous user with an identified user after sign up. The iOS SDK allows you to group users specific to an organization by denoting an ID of the group (company, organization, account, project, or team) with which you want to associate your user. The Group call lets you record custom traits about the group, such as the industry or number of employees.


What you can do with iOS SDK

Track, capture, and send your customer event data from your app to a wide range of destination platforms

Capture user’s device information along with additional information related to the user

Record a screen event (screen view or activity) whenever the user opens a screen in your app

Easily set up and pass device tokens for Push Notifications to the destinations that support Push Notification

How to set up iOS SDK Integration

It's quite simple! Refer to our step-by-step guide and start using the iOS SDK in no time!



How can we help you?

How do I download iOS SDK?

RudderStack iOS SDK is available through Cocoapods. To install it, simply add the RudderStack SDK to your Podfile and run the pod install command.

How do I migrate to the latest version of the iOS SDK?

To migrate to the latest version you simply need to update the usage of a few classes including Client, Config, Configbuilder, and LogLevelDebug. Follow the iOS SDK documentation for detailed steps.

How much does it cost to integrate iOS SDK with RudderStack?

Pricing for iOS SDK can vary depending on your use case and data volume. RudderStack offers transparent, volume-based event pricing. See RudderStack's pricing.

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