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Integrate your Android app with Intercom

Don’t go through the pain of direct integration. RudderStack’s Android SDK makes it easy to send data from your Android app to Intercom and all of your other cloud tools.

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Easy Android SDK to Intercom Integration with RudderStack

RudderStack’s open source Android SDK allows you to integrate RudderStack with your Android app to track event data and automatically send it to Intercom. With the RudderStack Android SDK, you do not have to worry about having to learn, test, implement or deal with changes in a new API and multiple endpoints every time someone asks for a new integration.

Popular ways to use Intercom and RudderStack
Create and update usersAutomatically create or update user records in Intercom
Track user behaviorUse existing data to send behavioral events to Intercom.
Easily trigger automationsAutomatically trigger messaging automations in Intercom based on user behaviors.
Frequently Asked Questions

With Rudderstack, integration between Android SDK and Intercom is simple. Set up a connection with Android SDK source and Intercom destination in the RudderStack control plane.

Make sure to add following dependencies in your Android app


// Rudder core sdk and intercom extension

implementation ''

implementation ''

// intercom core sdk

implementation ''

// gson

implementation ''

// FCM

implementation ''


And then, initialize the RudderStack SDK as following


val rudderClient:RudderClient = RudderClient.getInstance(





.withLogLevel(RudderLogger.RudderLogLevel.DEBUG) // optional





Now you can send different types of events (e.g. track. identify, page, group, etc.) from Android devices.

Choosing to use RudderStack's Node.js SDK can greatly improve your customer engagement by enabling a more holistics view of a customer journey, boosting your website's performance and offering easy integration with a multitude of other products, marketing, and analytics tools. While the Intercom library lets you dispatch events solely to Intercom, RudderStack’s Node.js expands this functionality, allowing events to be sent to numerous other destinations and enabling more use cases.

It reduces development time by eliminating the need to navigate and stay updated with the Intercom API documentation and the docs of all the tools you integrated using RudderStack.

However, if you would rather integrate directly using the Intercom library directly, the necessary tutorials can be found at Regardless of your chosen integration method, all customer communications can be managed via Intercom app.

Pricing Android SDK and Intercom can vary based on the way they charge. Check out our pricing page for more info. Or give us a try for FREE.

Timing can vary based on your tech stack and the complexity of your data needs for Android SDK and Intercom.

Intercom can provide omnichannel experience covering live chat, email, social media tools, etc,.

Natively, only text communication is supported but Intercom has a rich app store which enables additional functionality. Using these apps, you can add voice/video call functionality to your Intercom chatbox. This enables new kinds of intuitive experiences for customers and support agents such as using it for vehicle communications, especially for motorbike riders. By enabling voice/video chat and linking your Bluetooth headset to the Intercom system, you can communicate in noisy environments on the go without difficulty.

Yes, RudderStack streamlines the integration and management of your connection between Android SDK & Intercom, but you check out our guide on How To Integrate Your Android App With Launchdarkly to learn how to connect the tools manually.

Use the Intercom integration with other popular sources
Use the Android SDK integration with other popular destinations
About Intercom

Intercom is an industry-leading, real-time business messaging platform, that allows you to bring together and manage all your customer life cycle activities on a single platform. Intercom is equipped with a robust set of features, including in-app messaging, real-time chat, and automation capabilities, Intercom allows businesses to create a personalized and engaging customer journey. Furthermore, it can integrate seamlessly with various platforms such as iOS and Android, making it a comprehensive solution for mobile device users. Intercom's user-friendly system and dynamic functionalities make it a preferred choice for businesses of all sizes looking to optimize their customer interaction and engagement.

About Android SDK

Android is a popular, open-source operating system designed primarily for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Developed by Google, Android is based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open-source software. Renowned for its user-friendly interface and flexibility, it provides the base for countless mobile applications available on the Google Play Store. Android allows extensive customization, offering a wealth of options for both end-users and developers. With its wide array of features and the backing of an extensive global community, Android has become a cornerstone of the mobile device industry.