Delighted Overview

Experience management platform


By integrating Delighted with RudderStack, you can receive data from Delighted without writing any code. Once the source is configured, all that’s left is simply adding a data warehouse and events will start flowing with the schedule you choose.

Add Delighted as a source and:

  • Build your data infrastructure in minutes including Delighted data with no technical resources
  • Send customer feedback to your data warehouse with the click of a button and without any scripting or coding
  • Get accurate data with fault-tolerant architecture that helps you get NPS data consistently to your data warehouse
  • Save hours per day by having analytics-ready data in your data warehouse so you can focus on building a comprehensive view of your business
Available via webhookAdd Delighted as a source in RudderStack by enabling a webhook source in your RudderStack dashboard, then using our Transformations feature to re-shape the incoming payload. Once configured, RudderStack will send data from your Delighted source to any destinations you connect. (Note, you will need to configure outbound webhooks in Delighted.)
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18 IntegrationsAbout Delighted

Delighted is a Net Promoter System® (NPS) and customer feedback SaaS tool that helps you survey your customers. With Delighted’s self-service tool you can create customer and employee surveys in seconds. Choose from 8 ready-made survey templates and 5 survey delivery methods.