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Bugsnag Integration

DestinationEvent Stream

Bugsnag Integration

DestinationEvent Stream

RudderStack allows you to send your app’s error data directly to Bugsnag. By enabling the integration with Bugsnag, RudderStack automatically collects error data from your source apps and sends it to Bugsnag in real time.

By integrating Bugsnag data with RudderStack, you can:

  • Add Bugsnag to your mobile project without any hassle
  • Track exceptions data to your Bugsnag dashboard in real-time using its native methods
  • Distinguish errors that happen in the different stages of your application’s lifecycle
  • Track user-related information and their associated traits and send the information to Bugsnag
Use the Bugsnag integration with popular sources

JavaScript SDK

RudderStack SDKs

Determine what percentage of your web pages are affected by ad-blockers.


RudderStack SDKs

Easily set up and pass device tokens for Push Notifications to the destinations that support Push Notification

What you can do with Bugsnag

Monitor your application in real-time without needing any additional support

Get a consolidated error reports to help you make data-driven decisions on what should be the priority when it comes to fixing bugs

Customize your error reporting capabilities to suit your business needs

Get definitive metrics for the overall health and performance of your application

RudderStack Bugsnag Documentation

Refer to our step-by-step guide and start using the ReactNative SDK today

About Bugsnag

With Bugsnag, you can automatically detect and report any errors in your applications. It allows you to perform effective diagnostics to identify and fix errors without any hassle. With support for all major platforms, Bugsnag makes application monitoring easy and effortless.

Bugsnag’s error reporting libraries track and monitor your application for any errors. You can also view these errors on your Bugsnag dashboard in real-time, and effectively make decisions on them.

If you already have an application debugging workflow in place, Bugsnag can seamlessly complement it by allowing you to prioritize bug fixes. This will help you focus more on building new app features, rather than worrying about bugs. In case you don’t have a consistent debugging workflow, or if you think it can be improved, using Bugsnag makes the debugging process easy.

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