RudderStack Product News - Vol. #020: SDK Event Filtering, Beacon Support for JS, and OneTrust for JS

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SDK Features: Client-side Event Filtering, Beacon Support for JS, and OneTrust for JS

We're excited to announce a series of new features for our SDKs. Our SDK event filtering lets users specify which events should be discarded or allowed to flow through on the client.

In addition to this, Beacon Support is now available for JS. You can now use sendBeacon with the latest version of our JS SDK, which provides improved performance via an asynchronous process.

We now support OneTrust as a consent manager for JS SDK. This consent manager offers various cookie consent solutions that allow customers to determine what personal data they are willing to share with a business.

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Airflow for Reverse ETL

RudderStack's new Airflow Provider lets you schedule and trigger your Reverse ETL jobs from outside RudderStack and integrate them with your existing Airflow workflows.


Event Volume for Sources

The sources page now has a new Events tab that includes information on event volume over time. Volumes are also calculated on a per-event basis so you can understand the footprint of different events in your tracking program. Log into our product to see the latest changes.

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Email Notifications on Warehouse Sync Failures

We now send out email notifications on warehouse sync failures so you can act on them immediately. Our goal is to reduce silent failures across the ecosystem and expand our notification capabilities over time.

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Delta Lake Destination

RudderStack now supports Delta Lake as a destination. Delta Lake is an open format storage layer that delivers reliability, security and performance on your data lake.



Statsig Cloud Mode Integration

RudderStack supports Statsig as a destination to which people can send real-time event data for efficient A/B testing. Statsig helps companies safely A/B test features in production before rolling them out, avoiding product debates and cost issues when shipping new features.

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LaunchDarkly Web Device Mode Integration

LaunchDarkly is a popular feature management platform that offers high quality A/B testing and experimentation functionalities. RudderStack supports LaunchDarkly as a destination to which customers can seamlessly send their data for flag management.

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TikTok Ads Cloud Mode Integration

TikTok Ads is TikTok's online advertising platform. We now support TikTok Ads Cloud Mode Integration on web, mobile, and server.

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Candu Cloud Mode Integration

Candu is a product experience platform that provides no-code web tools for SaaS applications. RudderStack now supports Candu Cloud Mode on web, mobile, and server.

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February 11, 2022
Kristen Glass

Kristen Glass

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