Send your event data from RudderStack to Candu.

Candu is a product experience platform that provides no-code web tools for SaaS applications. It lets software teams to design, refine, and personalize their application’s user interface to create intuitive product experiences.

RudderStack supports Candu as a destination platform where you can send your event data seamlessly.

Find the open source transformer code for this destination in the GitHub repository.

Getting started

Before configuring Candu as a destination in RudderStack, verify if the source platform is supported by Candu by referring to the table below:

Connection ModeWebMobileServer
Device mode---
Cloud modeSupportedSupportedSupported
To learn more about the difference between cloud mode and device mode in RudderStack, refer to the RudderStack Connection Modes guide.

Once you have confirmed that the source platform supports sending events to Candu, follow these steps:

Candu connection settings

Connection settings

To successfully configure Candu as a destination, you will need to configure the following settings:

  • API Key: Your API Key is the unique key generated against your Candu account. You can find it under the Settings > Workspaces > Access Keys section of your Candu account. Refer to the FAQ section for more details.


The identify call lets you capture the details of a visiting user along with any associated traits such as their name, email address, etc.

A sample identify call is shown below:

rudderanalytics.identify("webUser01", {
  email: "",
  firstName: "Name",
  lastName: "LastName",
  phoneNumber: "22222222",
  dateOfBirth: "xxxx-xx-xx",
  custom_fields: {
    key1: "value1",
    key2: "value2",


The track call lets you capture user events along with the properties associated with them.

A sample track call is shown below:

rudderanalytics.track('Promotion Clicked', {
  promotion_id: 'promo1',
  creative: 'banner1',
  name: 'sale',
  position: 'home_top'
When sending events to Candu, make an identify call before the track call. This ensures that no duplicate user identities are created in the Candu platform.


Where can I get the API key in Candu?

  1. Login to your Candu account.
  2. Go to the Settings option.
  3. Look for the API key under Access Keys section in the Workspaces tab.
    API Key Candu Account

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