RudderStack Product News Vol. #010 - Volume Reporting, Sync Retry & More

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This update includes a few of our most requested features, which our customers are happy to see in production. Let’s dive in.

Event volume reporting

You can now track your monthly event volume in the billing section of the UI. This makes it easy to see how many events you’ve used and when your monthly billing cycle resets. Log in to see your current usage.

Syncs can now be retried if they fail or are aborted

We previously announced the Syncs view in the UI, which gives you granular detail on all of your warehouse syncs. Now you can retry syncs that have failed or were aborted with a single click.

Default S3 bucket support for warehouse syncs

Previously warehouse destinations required you to set up your own object storage bucket for staging files. Now RudderStack provides a default, managed S3 bucket for you that simplifies the configuration of your warehouse setup.

To enable this feature, simply turn on the toggle in the Object Storage Configuration section of your warehouse destinations configuration.

Populate Facebook Custom Audiences from Event Stream or your warehouse

RudderStack now gives you the ability to populate Facebook Custom Audiences. You can map events from the event stream to an Audience ID and even use Reverse ETL to send enriched audiences directly from your warehouse.

Check out the docs to learn more.

Integrations - new warehouse destination, cloud source and analytics integrations

Azure Synapse warehouse destination

We now support Microsoft’s Azure Synapse warehouse and analytics destination. Learn how to send data directly to Azure Synapse in the docs.

Active Campaign source

You can now load Active Campaign data directly into your warehouse with ETL. Easily sync users, organizations, pipelines, lists, contacts, deals and dozens of other objects. Learn more in the docs.

Adobe Analytics mobile device mode support

We now support device mode for mobile sources in the Adobe Analytics destination. This means you can send events directly to Adobe Analytics via the RudderStack iOS and Android SDKs. Learn more in the docs.

Other happenings at RudderStack

Our engineering team is writing about how we leverage our own tool right here at RudderStack. Check out Dogfooding at RudderStack: Our Data Stack to get an overview, and stay tuned. More detailed posts are coming.

On the latest episode of The Data Stack Show, Eric and Kostas from our team talk with Arjun Narayan of Materialize who articulately lays out the data analytics journey to real-time and streaming.

Miss our latest technical session? Watch Transforming Data: RudderStack Vs. Segment on demand today.

August 13, 2021
Eric Dodds

Eric Dodds

Head of Product Marketing