RudderStack Product News Vol. #009 - Our Q3 Product Roadmap

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In this week’s update we wanted to give you a bit more visibility into our product roadmap. The team has been working hard on planning and focus areas, and we're excited about what's ahead in Q3.

Our product strategy in Q3

RudderStack’s goal is to provide a developer focused CDP that enables your organization to track, transform, and operationalize your customer data to deliver the best possible customer experience. Our product strategy this quarter is designed with several of our long term goals in mind:

  1. Give you confidence in the data through improved governance and observability
  2. Enable you to get data and send data anywhere with high performance
  3. Provide a well-rounded experience through downstream and upstream, batch and streaming integrations across databases, warehouses, and cloud applications

A focus on governance and observability

We want you to be confident in the data passing through RudderStack. In order to do this, we are investing in data trust through two major streams: governance and observability.

Part of governance is proactive planning before events are even tracked. New features in development or beta include:

  • Our Tracking Plan API
  • RudderTyper (a developer extension for making sure tracking plans are implemented to spec)
  • Server-side enforcement of Tracking Plans

Let us know if you’re interested in collaborating with us as beta users and partners.

The other part is reactive observability, which is crucial for building intuition on and sometimes debugging what’s going on inside RudderStack. Our observability features on the roadmap include:

  • Improved Data Governance API
  • Improved visibility for errors in ingestion or downstream destinations.

Expanding Event Stream

We are continuing to expand the value you get from our core product, Event Stream. This includes new integrations, both on warehouse and downstream cloud applications.

On the warehouse front, we are working to support the modern data lake through supporting a Parquet destination on S3 as well as making the schema data available with AWS Glue.

For downstream cloud applications, we’ve recently launched a number of new integrations such as Adobe Analytics, Heap, and Gainsight PX. In Q3 we intend to continue our pace with integrations such as Gladly, Delighted, and Criteo alongside adapting existing integrations to iOS 14 changes.

In terms of SDK performance, we are continuously improving the testability, usability, and reliability of our infrastructure. One big improvement we are looking forward to in Q3 is the performance of our JavaScript clients.

ETL and Reverse ETL

We are rounding out our integration ecosystem by creating best-in-class Reverse ETL and ELT products.

In Reverse ETL, our core value is bringing post-processed warehouse tables into downstream cloud applications for ops teams to use.

With Visual Data Mapping, we are automatically pulling up-to-date metadata from both source and destination systems so you can map columns and fields with confidence from day one.

In addition, we’re investing in an excellent Custom Audience Upload experience (primarily used for advertising tools such as Facebook Ads) so you can build and manage custom campaigns through your data warehouse. 

In ETL, we are working on increasing our pace with cloud source integrations, improving the existing ones and adding new features for increased control over the delivered data models.

Other Happenings at RudderStack

From the archives: The Data Engineering Megatrend: A Brief History gives an overview of the major events that contributed to the rise of the Data Engineer.

Podcast: Eric and Kostas from our team had a wide-ranging conversation with a data loving engineer turned marketeer this week. They covered everything from the value of open source tooling to the challenges of marketing attribution. Listen to the interview here.

Technical session: Not to worry if you missed our session on iVendi's Journey from Snowplow to a Fully Integrated, Real-time Stack - check it out on-demand to learn how you can leave data infrastructure concerns behind.

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July 27, 2021
Brian Lu

Brian Lu

Director of Product