RudderStack Product News Vol. #007 - New Security Features

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The team has been working on multiple features to improve security across the RudderStack platform, along with rolling out some new destination integrations.

If you run RudderStack in an iOS or Android app, be sure to read the updates in the integrations section on new options for distributing our mobile SDKs.

And with that, here are the details:

Updated User Permissions with a New Read-Write Role

Previously we only offered two types of user roles: Admin and View Only. There are many use cases where a user needs to make updates in RudderStack but does not have access to admin settings for security reasons.

We now offer a Read-Write role that allows non-admin users to make updates to RudderStack sources, destinations, and transformations.

Audit Logs for Enterprise Accounts

Many organizations require system audit logs for compliance reasons. We worked with several of our enterprise customers to understand their specific needs for visibility into changes that are made in RudderStack.

Enterprise users can now access audit logs that include detailed changes for sources, destinations, transformations, and users.

Integrations Updates - Mobile SDK Distribution and New Spreadsheet and Database Destinations

Mobile SDK Updates

We added Carthage support for distributing our iOS SDK. Learn how to add the RudderStack SDK to your Cartfile in our docs.

Bintray was sunset on May 1st, 2020, so we added MavenCentral support for distributing our Android SDK. Learn more in the docs.

We also released v. 1.0.2 of our Flutter SDK with Sound Null Safety. Check out the release on

New Spreadsheet and Database Destinations

Google Sheets is a go-to spreadsheet solution used for all kinds of data analysis and tracking. This destination allows you to send RudderStack payloads directly to Google Sheets to populate rows and columns. Each event populates a row, and you can map your keys to column names. There are many uses with RudderStack data, but a few examples include sending samples of event data through to downstream teams for QA and sending key events through for ad-hoc analytics. Read the docs for full details and give it a try.

Microsoft SQL Server is a popular database used by companies around the world. Now you can send both event and structured data from RudderStack directly to Microsoft SQL Server. Read the docs for full details.

Other Happenings at RudderStack

With the launch of our new website, we un-gated all of our video content, so you can watch and share past webinars, product walk-throughs, and more. Check it out.

We now have over 600 members in our community on Slack. If you haven't joined, you should.

Our founder, Soumyadeb, wrote a great blog post on the journey from Show HN to raising a Series A in one year. It's fun to see how much has changed in the last 12 months!

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June 22, 2021
Eric Dodds

Eric Dodds

Head of Product Marketing