RudderStack and Iterable Enable Deeper Customer Connections

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Customer relationships in the digital age start with data and grow through great experiences. With RudderStack and Iterable, it’s as easy to collect the data required for great customer experiences as it is to use information to create them. RudderStack’s Event Stream handles the customer data collection in real-time and routes data to Iterable, where marketing can leverage it to execute engagement campaigns across every channel and every device. Best of all, with RudderStack, Iterable isn’t just a destination, it’s a data source too. 

Unified, data-driven customer experiences from Iterable

No more generic, single faceted marketing campaigns. Iterable’s cross-channel marketing platform delivers everything marketers need to create cohesive, personalized experiences across every channel in an easy-to-use tool. Its data-first design puts all of the context required to execute modern engagement campaigns at marketings' fingertips. How does the data get into Iterable so marketing can use it to craft memorable experiences? That’s where RudderStack comes in.

Fueled by RudderStack’s Event Stream

RudderStack’s robust Iterable destination integration enables engineering teams to quickly set up Event Stream pipelines to deliver customer behavioral data to Iterable in real-time. It only takes a few steps:

  1. Create an account
  2. Instrument websites and apps with a RudderStack SDK
  3. Set up Iterable as a destination
  4. Watch the data flow

Engineering can also use RudderStack Transformations to transform and enrich data on its way to Iterable. This means marketing gets all of the customer context they need, in the optimal format, right where they need it - on Iterable's powerful engagement platform.

No data silos

RudderStack’s warehouse-first approach to customer data management allows engineering to send data to the data warehouse and other downstream tools simultaneously while streaming data to Iterable. This approach eliminates data silos, keeping every team on the same page without requiring engineering to manage multiple 1-1 integrations.

So, you can delight customers at scale

With RudderStack delivering behavioral data to Iterable in real-time, neither engineering nor marketing need to worry about reliably delivering data to the platform. Engineering can focus on more valuable tasks and marketing can focus on leveraging the data to cultivate strong relationships. Iterable’s powerful, easy-to-use platform enables marketing teams to build and execute individualized customer engagement at scale like never before.

The icing on the warehouse

We meant it when we said no data silos. Iterable is a destination and a source in RudderStack, so teams can send all of the valuable data from Iterable campaigns back into the data warehouse. In the warehouse, they can further enrich the data, then send it back to Iterable, enabling highly personalized, next-generation engagement.

Get started with with RudderStack & Iterable

Ready to use RudderStack to give marketing the data they need to roll out winsome campaigns with Iterable? Sign up for RudderStack today for free, check out our documentation to set up Iterable as a destination and a source, and start building better experiences for your customers today.

March 23, 2022
Myles McDonald

Myles McDonald

Director of Partnerships at RudderStack