Announcing ten free Reverse ETL connections

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As a Warehouse Native Customer Data Platform, it’s our mission to help you get more value out of the customer data in your data warehouse. Enabling data activation with reverse ETL is a key part of that goal.

That’s why we’re increasing the number of Reverse ETL connections available on our free and starter tier pricing plans from one to ten. This 10x limit increase reflects our commitment to helping data teams confidently drive more value for their businesses.

If you’re already using RudderStack on a free or starter plan, you can now activate up to ten Reverse ETL connections – 5X more than any other tool on the market. If you’re not a RudderStack user yet, there’s never been a better time to get started.

Data activation and reverse ETL

Reverse ETL pipelines facilitate data delivery from the warehouse to downstream business tool destinations where teams can activate it for various use cases.

While cloud data warehouses enable centralized customer data at scale, centralizing customer data, while a feat in itself, doesn’t create business value. Once you centralize your data, you need to solve identity resolution to unify it into complete customer profiles. Even then, to unlock the value of your customer profiles, you must reliably deliver it across your tech stack so different teams can use it to drive better business outcomes.

That’s where data activation comes in. Reverse ETL, to be clear, is just one of many ways to activate data, a critical step in the data activation lifecycle. When done effectively, data activation can help you position your data team as a strategic partner to your business. Because when you’re able to efficiently deliver all the data they need when they need it, where they need it, your business stakeholders won’t question your impact, it will already be apparent.

“As a Warehouse Native CDP, we’re firm believers in the power of centralizing and unifying data in your warehouse. However, data in the warehouse must be activated to create business value. To enable more customers to get more value out of the data in their warehouse, we’re giving all users a generous start to the number of connections they can set up with Reverse ETL”

Amy Ng, Director of Product at RudderStack

Reverse ETL makes it easy for you to get the valuable data from your warehouse to your stakeholders where they need it when they need it. Using our reverse ETL pipelines, you can deliver data from your data warehouse or data lake (we also now support query engines) directly to the tools different teams in your company are already using. And when every team has rich customer data at their fingertips, every team can drive better outcomes (all thanks to the data team).

Get started

If you’ve got valuable customer data in your warehouse that you’re struggling to deliver to all the tools and teams that could be using it, there’s never been a better time to try RudderStack. Sign up today, connect your warehouse, and create up to ten Reverse ETL connections for free. If you want to learn more about Reverse ETL and explore all of our available source and destination integrations, check out the Reverse ETL docs.

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December 11, 2023
Amy Ng

Amy Ng

Product Director at RudderStack