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RudderStack for Product Teams

Build better products with better data

Leverage clean, trustworthy data in your existing tools to make product development strategic, not speculative.

40,000+ sites and apps run RudderStack

Drive your product roadmap with confidence

RudderStack puts complete user analytics in your hands so you can fully understand behavior, validate your key assumptions, and build the right features for your product.


Increase in product team efficiency

Product Managers at Accurx are spending 3x less time to gain valuable product insights to that inform new features.

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"Implementing RudderStack brought our various teams closer together. Engineering, dev ops, product management, and analytics are aligned, and now we are brainstorming additional features."

Francesca Riva ‎ ‎Head of Data, Accurx

Increase your team’s precision with rich user data

Validate hypotheses and prove product impact with concrete data. Understand your users at a deeper level by combining customer data from across your stack to get better insights.

Discover the why behind every metric

Use clickstream data and 200+ integrations to delve into the why behind your metrics, uncovering the narratives hidden in the numbers.

Validate ideas before you start building

Use data to test product-market-fit with target segments, and get early signals to validate features and give engineering confidence.

Accelerate adoption with comprehensive analytics

Understand exactly how users interact with each screen and flow to improve features and reduce friction and falloff.

When your data team uses RudderStack, product can move fast and build with conviction.

RudderStack handles the data and integrations so your teams can spend time on what counts most for the business.

Know you're solving the right problems

Build features that meet real customer needs. RudderStack gives you a foundation of comprehensive, unified data that helps you go beyond assumptions and and identify customer pain points—and the way to solve them.

Prioritize with data, not opinions
Make roadmap decisions based on real data versus conjecture so you can focus engineering resources on high-ROI initiatives.

Get full context on every user action
Use a complete, 360-degree view of your users to give full context to product analytics and usage patterns.

Automate pipelines, focus on insights
Focus on unearthing deeper insights about your product, not managing instrumentation and data flows.

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