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Supercharge your customer engagement with RudderStack and Braze

Create smarter campaigns and more effective engagement strategies


Great customer experiences start with solid data

Integrate with leading tools like Braze to activate high-quality data for timely, relevant messages

Key benefits of the RudderStack and Braze integration

Simplified integration

RudderStack offers a unified platform enabling engineers to easily and efficiently integrate with Braze

Rich data for better engagement

RudderStack supplies Braze with high-quality customer data that helps Braze create more effective, personalized campaigns

Maximized Braze investment

RudderStack maximizes your Braze investment with tools like deduplication to reduce data costs and improve campaigns


Explore how companies have significantly improved customer engagement with real-time data insights

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Enhance Your Customer Engagement with Braze and RudderStack

Features, values, and use cases that make a difference

Use current data for campaigns

Send reliable, first-party data to Braze in real-time for effective personalization using Braze as a destination

Avoid accidental overages

Prevent duplicate user traits from being sent using the Braze deduplication feature

Deliver cross-channel messages

Send RudderStack events via Hybrid Mode, to deliver notifications and in-app experiences

Create advanced segments

Use Nested custom attributes to create segments and personalize messages

Refine customer engagement strategies

Pull Braze data into your Warehouse to build a complete feedback loop to refine and enhance customer interactions with Braze Currents

RudderStack and Braze in action

Learn how Wyze leverages RudderStack and Braze to transform their data strategies

10x increase in engineering productivity

Defining multiple events and automating nearly 50+ new user features into a data pipeline takes hours instead of weeks

Customer 360 view

Wyze is using customer 360 views to calculate propensity scores, tailor customer offers, and deliver personalized recommendations

ML-powered Braze campaigns

RudderStack has empowered Wyze’s ML/AI team to quickly ship more ML traits to Braze, resulting in a 3x increase in ML-driven Braze campaigns

“When you have the power of RudderStack in hand, you can blast off right away,” adds Zhou. “It’s so much easier to build a machine learning model once your designs are driven by clean data, useful user features, and 360 customer views.”

Wei Zhou, Director of Data Engineering at Wyze

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