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Replace GA and build analytics on data you can trust

Join thousands of data teams who are ditching Google Analytics and taking back control of their first party data.

See how you can replace GA with analytics on your warehouse


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Guide: building trustworthy analytics on your warehouse

Download our step-by-step guide to replacing Google Analytics with a transparent and scalable analytics stack.

We were using Google Analytics and everything was anonymized, so we couldn’t see what our users were doing on our website. RudderStack gives us real-time feedback on who’s doing what and when and we can run A/B tests that let us customize the user experience.

Mona Sami, Director of Data Analytics, InfluxData


Collect and configure data you can trust

GA4 limits the volume, detail, and flexibility of your data.

RudderStack lets you collect first party data from every source and centralizes it in your warehouse - giving you the visibility and flexibility you need to execute your use cases.

See how you can replace GA with analytics on your warehouse.

Break free from Google’s compliance chaos

GA4 makes data privacy and compliance a nightmare.

RudderStack gives you complete ownership over your data, and offers advanced tooling to make compliance easy.

See how you can replace GA with analytics on your warehouse


Quickly build out web analytics on your warehouse with our pre-built, open-source dbt model

Out of the box metrics

Use our dbt model to automatically generate metrics tables for users, sessions, devices and channels.

Bring your own visualization

Quickly ship visualizations in your existing BI tool and let different teams use the tool of their choice.

Customizable sessionization

Leverage detailed session tracking data to get granular insights on user behavior and engagement.

Check out our knowledge base article on using dbt models to replace Google Analytics reporting

Choose the tools that are right for you, without the risk of vendor lock-in

GA4 has more export and integration functionality, as long as you pay for other Google products.

RudderStack gives you full control of your data and lets you integrate it with any tool you want.

See how you can replace GA with analytics on your warehouse