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Endless flexibility for data teams

Transform event data in real-time with JavaScript or Python

Leading companies transform events in real time with RudderStack

Transform events in real-time with Python or JavaScript

Learn why 75% of RudderStack customers use Transformations, and check out the new and upcoming releases


"Transformations have been invaluable in allowing us to remove PII from our analytics and stream different classes of product events to different destinations. They're also so easy to set up and use and have predictable, understandable results. We'd be lost without them!"

Imo Wright, Staff Data Engineer, accurx

Do more with your data

Our new Transformations features give you more flexibility and control over your data than ever before

Transformations Templates

Use prebuilt Transformations to implement common use cases on your event data.

Python Transformations

All the power, flexibility, and control of Transformations, now available in Python.

Transformations Libraries

Write and reuse the same code for multiple Transformations, now available in Python.

Move faster and build data trust

Ship projects faster, secure and build trust in data, and quickly adapt to changing business and data needs

Data processing and enrichment

Sample events, parse user agent, and enrich events with geo, user traits, ML models and more

Data privacy and governance

Hash/remove PII, Encrypt/decrypt IP, rename properties, filter events, and more

Custom integrations and others

Create custom sources, custom destinations, dynamic paths and headers, and more

Deliver value across the business

Transformations unlocks use cases that deliver business results


Time to insights

Accurx reduced time to product insight by 3X with clean and fast data routing

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Wynn Slots increased revenue by 25% with a churn-driven campaign

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Product optimization

Mattermost optimizes product development with enriched events

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Learn more about Transformations

Determine Sentiment Analysis with Transformations

Tech Talk: Transform data in real-time with Python or JavaScript

Transformations API: Programmatically manage transformations and libraries