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Tech Talk: Transform data in real-time with Python or JavaScript

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As your business evolves, so must your data. 75% of RudderStack users are adapting their data in real-time with their own code using Transformations.

Transformations lets you customize your event data in real-time using JavaScript or Python. This gives you the control and flexibility to quickly execute a number of use cases like data enrichment, security, governance, filtering, processing, custom integrations, and more.

In this Tech Talk, RudderStack shares examples of how you can use Transformations to ship projects faster, secure and build data trust, and quickly adapt to business change. We demo our new and upcoming features, plus a transformations Q&A where we write transformations to solve challenges from the audience.

What we will cover:

  • What is Transformations? Benefits and use cases
  • What's new?: Demo of our new and upcoming features, including Device Mode Transformations.
  • Q&A: Have a problem or challenge and not sure how Transformations can help? Ask us anything!


Badri Veeraragavan

Badri Veeraragavan

Director of Product

Sara Mashfej

Sara Mashfej

Developer Relations at RudderStack

Sara leads RudderStack's developer relations and provides content, education, and workshops to help grow the RudderStack user community.
Emil Sadek

Emil Sadek

Technical Account Manager

Emil provides 1:1 support to RudderStack users on their most technical data challenges and goals.
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