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Reverse ETL

Reverse ETL pipelines built for data engineers

Easily turn warehouse tables into payloads that you can send to your entire data stack, including cloud tools for marketing, sales, and analytics.

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    Send warehouse data to 150+ destinations

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    6 major cloud data warehouse sources

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    Customize payloads in JSON format

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    Visual data mapper for non-engineers

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    Transform or filter data by destination

Open-source, enterprise-ready and built for the modern stack

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    Configurable sync schedule

    Configure the optimal sync schedule for every use case. Run infrequently to save on costs, or move data in near real-time.

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    Visual data mapper

    Our VDM is an intuitive UI for non-technical users to easily map warehouse columns to specific destination fields.

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    Out of the box integrations

    Our 150+ integrations include cloud tools and custom webhook destinations, so you can send data anywhere.

Join companies like Crate and Barrel, InfluxDB and Wealthfront who send warehouse data through RudderStack

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“We set everything up in 10 minutes in RudderStack and were able to fully deprecate our in-house pipeline.”


- Will Luna

Data Analyst at Sanity

Key Features

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    Run incremental or full table syncs

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    Visual data mapper for easy column-to-field mapping

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    Configurable JSON payloads for data engineer users

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    Optional destination transformations for cleanup and filtering

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    Webhook destination for custom integrations

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    Send warehouse data to warehouse to 150+ integrations

Top Reverse ETL use cases

  • Get critical warehouse data to the frontlines

    Easily push warehouse tables into systems like Salesforce and Braze, giving sales and marketing the context they need to close deals and optimize campaigns.

  • Operationalize analytics

    By democratizing access to post-analysis data from the warehouse, Reverse ETL enables every team to act on the insights generated by your data analysis.

  • Keep every tool in sync

    With Reverse ETL, you can ensure every tool in your stack has the same version of the truth from the same table in the warehouse.

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