Consent Management

Integrate RudderStack with popular consent management platforms.

Obtaining user consent poses a significant challenges, not only during the initial data collection but also in the subsequent distribution of user preferences to various tools within the customer data stack.

To overcome these challenges, RudderStack offers a fully-integrated consent solution that works with popular consent management tools like OneTrust, along with other custom-built systems.

RudderStack’s holistic approach to consent management lets you:

  • Implement both client-side and server-side consent categorization for each downstream integration.
  • Be fully compliant with the internal requirements and region-specific regulatory laws on a tool-by-tool basis, while simplifying implementation.
  • Control fully-configurable cookie and storage settings, in which you can map each downstream integration to specific consent categories.

RudderStack’s consent management feature enables you to set the pre-consent SDK behavior - either tracking users as fully anonymous, tracking only their sessions, or tracking with anonymousId as the user identifier. This minimizes any data loss related to attribution, acquisition, and the overall user journey.

RudderStack supports full integrations with the following consent management platforms:

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