What you can do with Xero Source

Track your bills and ensure timely payment along with a clear overview of accounts payable and cash flow.

Capture costs, submit, approve and reimburse claims, and view overall spending.

Manage your inventory and keep track of what's in stock. Also, populate invoices and orders with details of items you buy and sell.

Manage and share documents, contracts, bills, and receipts safely from anywhere.

Get complete details of a customer or supplier to see a full history of sales, emails, invoices, payments, and contact details.

How to set up Xero Source Integration

It's simple! Use our step-by-step guide for setting up Xero as a source in RudderStack within minutes!


Send Customer Event Data from Xero to Your Favorite Destinations via RudderStack

Integrate Xero as a source with RudderStack within minutes without any additional coding. Once successfully configured, RudderStack will automatically ingest your specified events data from Xero and then send the ingested data to your data warehouse or other preferred third-party destinations supported by RudderStack.

By Adding Xero as a Source in the RudderStack Dashboard, you can:

  • Synchronize with your Xero data source based on the schedule and run frequency.
  • Ingest your customer event data and route it to your preferred destination platforms in the desired format with full security.
  • Easily configure Xero via your Android and iOS applications.