What you can do with Variance

Get access to real-time customer data to reach out to your prospects and customers at the right time

Integrate Variance with your favorite mobile apps such as Slack, Teams, and Messaging

Enable teams to access and use data without the need to know SQL

Send relevant signals that help drive deals and close them faster

Plug into your Customer Data Platform (CDP) or Customer Data Warehouse (CDW) to aggregate data for lead qualification

Integrating Variance with your website manually can be quite challenging. For example, you will need to collect all information about your prospects and your customer data. You will also be required to install custom webhooks into your website.

RudderStack helps your skip these steps and get started using Variance in no time.

How to set up the Variance integration

It’s really simple! Use our step-by-step guide to set up Variance as a Destination in RudderStack and get started in minutes.


Drive customer growth across your organization with RudderStack and Variance

By integrating Variance with RudderStack, you can send your product, marketing, and sales data to analyze your users’ behavior without writing any code. Once the destination is configured and enabled, events from RudderStack will start flowing to Variance.

By adding Variance as a destination in the RudderStack dashboard, you can:

  • Send real-time customer events to Variance securely
  • Map your users to accounts/companies via group call, custom traits, or email traits
  • Transform customer events in Variance-specific format using RudderStack Transformations