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Post Affiliate Pro integration with RudderStack

Manage affiliate marketing programs with RudderStack and Post Affiliate Pro

Integrate Post Affiliate Pro as a destination on the RudderStack dashboard to send your event data directly to Post Affiliate Pro without any code. All you'll need is your Post Affiliate Pro URL along with a few connection settings to configure Post Affiliate Pro as a destination. Once enabled, events from RudderStack will start flowing to Post Affiliate Pro directly.

By adding Post Affiliate Pro as a destination in the RudderStack dashboard, you can:

  • Automatically send all your customer event data directly to Post Affiliate Pro securely
  • Track clicks explicitly specified in the List of Events for Click field and sales events only for the Order Completed event

What you can do with Post Affiliate Pro

Track affiliate partner performance, engagements, qualified leads, and conversion rates

Design the right marketing strategy with the correct promotional materials to yield brand awareness and drive revenue

Allocate commissions based on conversion rates using streamlined reporting and affiliate program software

Reward affiliate partners with commission bonuses when they reach sales milestones

How to set up the Post Affiliate Pro Integration

It's simple! Use our step-by-step guide to quickly set up Post Affiliate Pro as a destination in RudderStack



How can we help you?

What is Post Affiliate Pro?

Post Affiliate Pro is an affiliate referral software that runs your entire affiliate program from top to bottom. The system allows affiliates to see their stats and manage their promotion materials via the affiliate channel.

How do I install Post Affiliate Pro?

You can install Post Affiliate Pro in four simple steps:

  1. Create a wecantrack account.
  2. Connect Post Affiliate Pro account to our system via API.
  3. Connect your website to our system.
  4. Activate the integration feature.

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