What you can do with Madkudu

Identify, qualify, and engage leads throughout the buyer journey to measure the future revenue contribution from marketing efforts.

Customize every interaction based on lead value and optimize your best fit leads based on demographic data, title, industry category, and company size.

Make decisions based on real-time data along with anticipating changes to your marketing strategy.

Aggregate in-app behavior and identify users most likely to purchase so that teams can optimize sales and target up-sells.

This integration is on the roadmap

Schedule time with our solutions engineering team to learn about timing and help prioritize this integration.


Effective Lead Scoring Using RudderStack and Madkudu

With RudderStack, you can seamlessly send your event data from a variety of data sources to Madkudu. All you need to do is configure Madkudu as a destination in RudderStack. Once enabled, events collected by RudderStack will automatically start flowing to Madkudu in real-time.

By Integrating Madkudu with RudderStack, You Can:

  • Get all your event data across multiple sources to Madkudu within minutes without manual instrumentation
  • Send the event data to Madkudu in real-time
  • Record user information and account information into Madkudu automatically