What you can do with Keen.io

Store and analyze your data securely with minimum maintenance and performance overhead

Understand key customer-specific metrics through intuitive dashboards and reports

Deliver highly-targeted marketing insights obtained from real-time event data

Get critical insights into your customer data to improve customer engagement and retention

Integrate Keen.io with popular third-party analytics tools for better productivity

In order to set up Keen.io manually, there are quite a few steps to be followed. First, you need to map out the events and their properties that you wish to track. Then, you need to decide and install the libraries and SDKs to collect the data into your product. Furthermore, there is a lot of manual coding required if you want to use Keen.io to track custom events.

RudderStack helps you overcome these challenges by offering simple integration with Keen.io.

How to set up the Keen.io Integration

It’s very easy! Use our step-by-step guide to set up Keen.io as a destination in RudderStack, and get started in no time at all.


Securely Track, Collect and Send Your Event Data to Keen.io Using RudderStack

You can now use RudderStack to collect and route your customer event data to Keen.io for effective, real-time analytics. Once you enable Keen.io as a destination in RudderStack, all the event data from your web, mobile, and server-side applications will start flowing to Keen.io. RudderStack also allows you to asynchronously load Keen.io’s JavaScript SDK for seamless device-based event data collection. Tracking information about your users and their activities and sending it to Keen.io has never been easier.

By Integrating Keen.io Data with RudderStack, you can:

  • Track your user activity data and send it securely to Keen.io
  • Eliminate the need to manually install or configure the Keen.io SDK in your web app
  • Asynchronously track and collect user data in device mode using our easy to use APIs
  • Get up-to-date, relevant user information and the associated traits in a compatible format
  • Enrich your event data by attaching various parsing add-ons, before routing it to Keen.io