Heap Overview

Analytics platform for marketers, product managers, and customer success teams.


By integrating Heap with RudderStack, you can receive data from Heap without writing any code. Once the source is configured, all that’s left is simply adding a data warehouse and events will start flowing with the schedule you choose.

Add Heap as a source in RudderStack and:

  • Build your data infrastructure in minutes including Heap data with no technical resources
  • Get accurate data with fault-tolerant architecture that helps you get your Heap data consistently to your data warehouse
  • Combine product engagement data with ad spend, sales from your CRM, billing or support data, and discover which channels and customer events are the most impactful
Available via webhookAdd Heap as a source in RudderStack by enabling a webhook source in your RudderStack dashboard, then using our Transformations feature to re-shape the incoming payload. Once configured, RudderStack will send data from your Heap source to any destinations you connect. (Note, you will need to configure outbound webhooks in Heap.)
About Heap

Heap Analytics is a popular web analytics platform that allows you to capture and measure user actions on your website or mobile application. You can track taps, clicks, gestures, page views form submissions, and more with no additional code. Customer success teams, product, and marketing teams can use all of this customer behavioral data to create tailored customer digital experiences for increased customer conversion and retention. Heap was founded in 2013 and is based in San Francisco, CA.