What you can do with Google Analytics 360

Deep dive into your analytics data to get answers to challenging questions quickly

Understand how customers interact with your site and apps, and share insights across your organization using various reporting tools

Create custom funnels to view customer's event completion journey, and use this data to reduce inefficiencies in user flow

Alert users to unexpected events or metrics using Diagnostics

Integrate with other Google solutions and partner products to save time and increase efficiency

Integrating Google Analytics 360 with your website manually is challenging. You have to install custom webhooks, and if you want to set up custom events for mobile, they must be tracked manually.

You can easily dodge these limitations by integrating RudderStack with Google Analytics.

How to set up the Google Analytics 360 integration

It’s easy! Use our step-by-step guide to set up Google Analytics 360 as a Destination in RudderStack.


Unlock new customer insights with RudderStack and Google Analytics 360

By integrating Google Analytics 360 with RudderStack, you can seamlessly send your customer event data for user behavior analysis without having to write or install any tracking code. RudderStack also allows you to track user activities and features, such as custom dimensions and metrics.

By adding Google Analytics 360 as a destination in the RudderStack dashboard, you can:

  • Send real-time customer events to Google Analytics 360 securely
  • Anonymize IP Addresses while configuring Google Analytics 360
  • Transform customer events in Google Analytics 360-specific format using RudderStack Transformations