Integrate Hugo with Drip

Don't go through the pain of direct integration. RudderStack’s Hugo integration makes it easy to send data from Hugo to Drip and all of your other cloud tools.

Easy Hugo to Drip integration with RudderStack

RudderStack’s open source Hugo integration allows you to integrate RudderStack with your Hugo to track event data and automatically send it to Drip. With the RudderStack Hugo integration, you do not have to worry about having to learn, test, implement or deal with changes in a new API and multiple endpoints every time someone asks for a new integration.

Popular ways to use Drip and RudderStack
Create leads automatically

Automatically create customer records in real time in Drip when someone signs up.

Trigger campaigns

Enable your marketing team to trigger email, SMS, mobile, and personalization campaigns based on user actions.

Easily update user traits

Provide your marketing team with advanced segmentation capabilities by updating user traits in real time.

Frequently Asked Questions

With Rudderstack, integration between Hugo and Drip is simple. Set up a Hugo source and start sending data.

Pricing Hugo and Drip can vary based on the way they charge. Check out our pricing page for more info. Or give us a try for FREE.

Timing can vary based on your tech stack and the complexity of your data needs for Hugo and Drip.

Use the Drip integration with other popular sources
Use the Hugo integration with other popular destinations
About Drip

Drip is an eCommerce revenue engine and a smart marketing platform that lets you drive your customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty programs with ease. Build profitable relationships with your customers, convert your leads, perform A/B testing to try out new features, and measure their impact – all in one platform.

With Drip, you can easily gauge who your best customers are, where they are coming from, and use automation to nurture them post-purchase to make them loyal for life.