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What you can do with Adjust

Measure and drive your mobile app’s performance

Get a 360-degree view of your customers and their in-app experience

Identify the trends on how users engage with your app

Perform in-depth analysis to drive and optimize your mobile marketing strategy

Detect and prevent fraud with efficient ad fraud detection capabilities

Identify and set relevant audience groups, and target your ads accordingly

Adjust is primarily used in the iOS and Android ecosystem. To set it up, you will have to implement it separately on both the platforms to collect your customer events, push notifications and other relevant information and then send it to Adjust using its API. This can be quite a hassle, as it involves installing and configuring the iOS and Android SDKs. If you have any custom events that need to be sent to Adjust, each event token needs to be used to install the webhook in each of your apps.

RudderStack makes it very easy for you to start using Adjust without having to do all of this. All you need to do is add Adjust as a destination.

How to set up the Adjust Integration

It’s very easy! Use our step-by-step guide to set up Adjust as a destination in RudderStack, and get started in no time at all.


Effective Mobile Attribution and Measurement Using Adjust and RudderStack

RudderStack lets you track and send event data from your mobile devices to Adjust securely for effective measurement and analytics. What’s better – you don’t need to install any new code hooks into your apps. Depending on your platform of integration – be it Android, iOS, or Unity – you can use the appropriate mobile SDK to configure and add Adjust to your project easily.

By Integrating Adjust Data with RudderStack CDP, You Can:

  • Track and send your user event data to Adjust in real-time, from the mobile platform of your choice
  • Get insights on user sessions, activities, and other valuable KPIs to aid your decision-making
  • Work with a predefined list of custom events as specified by Adjust
  • Aid effective mobile attribution, performance measurement, and in-app analytics


How can we help you?

Adjust is a popular mobile measurement and fraud prevention platform. It provides industry-grade app tracking and attribution, automated campaign building capabilities and uses efficient analytics to segment your audiences. Built specially for marketing teams, Adjust helps them make efficient, fast and profitable marketing decisions.

Whenever a user clicks on an add using a mobile app tracking link, a unique device fingerprint associated with that user is created. The SDK then regenerates the fingerprint and sends it to the tracking servers as required.

Attribution providers such as Adjust can help you boost your customers’ overall LTV (Lifetime value) and thereby your business revenue. These tools suggest which aspects of your product you should allocate more of your budget on, and which aspects need improvement. Attribution is at the heart of effective marketing strategies, and should be taken into account when making your business decisions.