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How InfluxData eliminated data silos in weeks with RudderStack


12:00 PM ET

Prior to switching to RudderStack, InfluxData's engineering team was experiencing unnecessary burdens when dealing with siloed data and information across their tech stack. InfluxData implemented RudderStack's out of the box solution within a day and within two weeks had connected their entire stack and even set up a custom integration to send data to internal infrastructure.

What we will cover:

  • Delivering accurate data to the warehouse and all tools across the tech stack
  • Driving more efficient meetings across teams such as marketing and sales since teams now agree on data
  • Achieving the equivalent in time savings of hiring an additional full-time, senior engineer


Ryan McCrary


Ryan McCrary

Customer Success Engineer

Mona Sami


Mona Sami

Director of Analytics, InfluxData

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