RudderStack Product News - Vol. #023: Tracking Plans

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Tracking Plans

Server-side enforcement of Tracking plans is now available in the UI. Now teams can link an existing tracking plan to a variety of data sources, and decide whether to allow, annotate or drop the data that does not conform to pre-defined schemas. With Tracking Plans, users can prevent or de-risk situations where missing or improperly configured event data can break their downstream destinations. Learn More


SSL Mode for Redshift

We offer two SSL mode options when setting up the Redshift source in RudderStack, disable and require. The disable option disables SSL mode and is used in cases where security is not an issue and people do not want any encryption overhead. The require option is used in cases where security is important and teams can deal with the resulting encryption overhead. This option makes sure that data is encrypted and sent to RudderStack.

Learn more in the docs.

VDM Feature for Google Analytics and Marketo

Our Visual Data Mapper is useful for teams when mapping their warehouse data to custom fields defined in their destination. It offers a UI that seamlessly maps warehouse columns to specific destination fields.

Learn more in the docs.

DCM Floodlight

You can now send your event data from RudderStack to DCM Floodlight, a conversion tracking system for Google's Marketing System. Through this, teams can track user activity on their site, add conversion data to reports, and target these users through campaigns.

Learn more in the docs.

A Practical Guide to The Modern Data Stack: The Data Maturity Journey

The modern data stack can be confusing. We've seen many teams struggle to know where to start or where to go next.

So, we put together a four stage framework that puts the tools of the modern stack in context of four distinct stages. Read this post to figure out where you are, and what tooling to use, along your journey to data maturity.

Read the Guide

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May 10, 2022

Kristen Glass

Customer and Partner Marketing